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2020 - Current


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Devlin Energy

Devlin Energy is renewable energy company that takes all encompassing approach to provide clean energy to New England homeowners.

We helped Devlin Energy Scale their company at a time they needed it most.  Starting with the website, we built a UI that is clear and easy to navigate.  Next we targeted the SEO, finding keywords and statements that would increase traffic.  After building a solid digital foundation for Devlin Energy's brand identity, we started looking internally to further improve the company.  

After building a sales-rep portal & admin portal in the backend of the website, along with some clever API's.  Boston Marketing Concepts was able to reduce  data entry at Devlin Energy by over 70%

Lower payment.
Lower footprint.

Devlin Energy helps homeowners save money on their utility bills while also reducing their carbon footprint.  Sounds like a no brainer, right?.  As it turns out, many homeowners fear the unknown.  Switching to a cheaper alternative can be intimidating if one isn't aware of the pros & cons.  Working closely with Devlin Energy, we made it our mission to transform Devlin Energy into a company that doubles as an educational resource for homeowners.  


The results?

Since we started in 2020, Devlin Energy has seen more then a 3000% increase in organic website traffic, as well as more then a 5000% increase in organic website leads.


Attention To Detail.

The attention a company pays to small details is a direct reflection of the quality of their work in the eyes of the customer.

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