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Boston Marketing Concepts

Boston Marketing Concepts eliminates human error and needless data entry.

Let your business do the work for you

As a business grows, the time it takes to enter and track data starts to impede on valuable time.  We believe that at the center of every successful business, lies a desire to eliminate these unnecessary & time consuming tasks.

What we specialize in

Custom CRM Portals

Create a custom members only section of your website, where members can submit and track leads, sales, inventory, update menus and much much more.  We customize each CRM portal to cater to the needs of the business its developed for.

API Integrations

Link all of your databases/portals/forms & CRM's together so you never have to enter the same information twice, or in some cases at all.

Building a marketing database

Use your automated customer database to collect contact data which you can use to launch email campaigns, make cold calls, or to analyze your customer demographic.

API Integration

Form Fill_edited.png
API Automation

Quit double entering your data 

There's no need to type the same information into multiple platforms.  As your business grows, the tempting hard-to-shake habit of manual data entry will become less manageable.  We're here to help,  our services allow all of your platforms to communicate. This will eliminate double-entering or human error. 

Achieve synergy between all platforms

Boston Marketing Concepts will elaborate the weak points of your process, and implement creative automations that will increase sales and save company time.


Your website form triggers a thank you email to the customer, and a notification to you.

When a customer makes a booking on your website, automatically add it to an intuitive spreadsheet,

When a customer makes a purchase, automatically send them a coupon.

Still entering data by yourself?
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