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These days, contractors are leveraging drone photography to efficiently manage construction projects. With aerial photography, stakeholders get a comprehensive overview of the jobsite from planning to completion, visually documenting and monitoring activities along the way. This comprehensive overview aids in robust project and time management, saving dollars and pleasing clients.

Drone photography and video also provides a safe vehicle for site inspection, delivering real-time data from dangerous areas and helping contractors mitigate problems before they worsen. By using drone photography in construction projects, contractors and site managers have an affordable method for obtaining actionable information and visual collateral that leads to smarter business decisions throughout the construction process.

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  • Surveying the site and creating topographical maps prior to ground-breaking. Having a bird’s eye view of the project site will give investors exact information about sightlines once the building is complete. It will also help contractors quantify material displacement and avoid putting equipment near hazardous ground locations, such as busy roads or powerlines.

  • Precise construction bids. Drone imagery and data can increase the precision of construction bids. Most construction bid packages contain only preliminary drawings or FEED sketches, leading to the need for bid clarifications and exclusions due to unknown variables. With drone photography, you can deliver more cogent information.

  • Deft Project Management & Monitoring. Drones provide visual documentation of the project, delivering real-time data on progression, helping you spot obstacles early and deliver rigorous QA/QC.

  • Site inspection without the safety risk. Construction sites possess dangerous and difficult to access areas. Drones can inspect these precarious places without risking life, protecting workers and your company’s liability.

  • Thermal & Multispectral imaging. Advanced technologies integrated with drone imaging can provide valuable information about soil and ground quality prior to breaking ground and can help detect heat loss and water leaks in the building envelope after project completion.

Construction site aerial photography is an efficient, affordable method for contractors to stay on top of the needs of their project. From project start to completion, drone photography delivers the data that project managers need to keep timelines intact, stay within budget, and ensure investors are pleased with every detail.

With construction site aerial photography, contractors can better manage their industrial, commercial, and residential construction projects. Specific benefits include:

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