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6 Tips for Marketing in Plymouth, MA

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Owning a business can be tough, and finding new customers whilst trying to balance the necessary duties of your business can sometimes feel impossible. Luckily, we have compiled a list of ways businesses in Plymouth can get that extra exposure they need. Plymouth has has a very lively and active community, which provides many opportunities for business owners to network and ultimately drive more revenue to their business.

None of these opportunities are costly. In fact, everything on this list will cost nothing more than $100 and some of your time.

1. Networking Luncheons

Once a month, a lunch is held to offer small businesses in Plymouth the chance to promote their business, & network with other local businesses. The lunch is held at a variety of Chamber Member's restaurants and can change from month to month. Small businesses are given a 60 second window in which they can introduce themselves and their business. A meal is also provided for everyone who attends. Registrations for this lunch can be found at the Chamber of Commerce website. If you are looking for a good opportunity for networking in Plymouth, this is your spot!

2. Plymouths Annual Thanksgiving Parade

Plymouths annual Thanksgiving Day Parade is a great opportunity for Plymouth locals to show the town what they've been up to and what they're proud of. Past parades and related activities have drawn in as many as 200,000 people. This number is also expected to rise in coming years. This is a fantastic opportunity to get many faces familiar to your business. Click Here to see information regarding the parade schedule/registration.

3. Join our South Shore Business Network

As part our mission, we have committed to help bring together and help connect small businesses on the South Shore. Boston Marketing Concepts South Shore network was our solution. By joining the network, members will gain access to special networking events, exclusive newsletters specific to Plymouth & the South Shore, and free leads from other members of the network. Your business may also receive a public spotlight, where your business and what you do is showcased for thousands to see. This service is free to use and requires no commitments, we see this as a win win.

We also help companies in the South Shore and in Plymouth bring more traffic to their business through local SEO, content creation, enticing web design, and many more helpful services. Feel free to browse our website, and we are always willing to hop on a call and give a free consultation.

4. Plymouth Waterfront Festival

The Plymouth Waterfront Festival is an annual event held on Water Street in Plymouth. Festivities include a duck race, live entertainment, arts & crafts, and over 200 exhibitors. Whether your business sells art, food, products, or services, the Plymouth Waterfront festival is an excellent opportunity to get the name of your business known to the local community. The Plymouth Waterfront Festival is currently accepted new sponsors, as well as registrations for a booth at next years event. If you haven't checked it out yet, we highly recommend attending the Plymouth Waterfront Festival.

5. Annual Networking Summit

Once a year, over 100 businesses gather at the 1620 hotel for the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce Annual Networking Summit. Here, attendees are provided with the opportunity to expand their network and make important connections that help their businesses succeed. No matter the business type, it helps to connect with the local community. This is a great place to form partnerships, gain referrals, or help establish your brand identity within the local community. For 2022, this summit is scheduled for November 10th from 5pm - 7pm. For additional details about the Annual Networking Summit, click here

6. Join the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce

The Plymouth Chamber of Commerce is a non profit org with over 750 active businesses. They provide promising opportunities for business education, networking events, forums, and seminars. Once a member, your business will be showcased on their website for thousands of eyes to see. The value here is clear, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce is a hub for your business to grow and bloom into a well known name in the community.


We strongly believe that these 6 solutions will help transform your business for the better and ultimately increase traffic. Our marketing experts at Boston Marketing Concepts are always willing to provide a free consultation. We strongly believe that our cutting edge marketing techniques put us at the forefront of marketing companies in the South Shore.


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