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What Services do We Provide?

Boston Marketing Concept's provides a wide range of marketing services, each fulfilling a different need for a business.


- Brand Strategy

- Logo development

- Social Media Post Management

- Reputation Management


- Website Creation

- Conceptual design

- Custom Graphic Design

- Custom infographics

Search engine optimization

- Advanced Keyword Research

- Competitor Analysis

- Website Optimization

- Traffic Monitoring


- Aerial Photography

- Real Estate Photography

- Professional photo editing.

- Installation + Construction Photography

- Portrait/Fashion Photography

Digital Advertising

- AD-words management

- Pixel based Retargeting 

- Google Ad Optimization

- PPC Style Advertisements

- Advertisement conversion plans


- Custom CRM integration

- Custom webforms with various triggers & uses

- Data entry elimination

- Traffic Monitoring

Keyboard and Mouse

Package Deals

Most marketing deals consist of a combination of the services listed above.  Each deal is thoughtfully crafted to provide the maximum benefit to the client.

Assessing the Needs of a Potential Clients Business

Listed below are 6 common questions you should ask yourself when assessing the needs of a potential client.  The answers to these questions will determine what kind of services this client will benefit from the most

"Does their business have a consistent and distinguishable theme between their platforms?"

If the answer is no, client can benefit from Graphic Design or Photography.

"Are they currently running any kind advertisements for their business?"

If the answer is no, client can benefit from PPC advertising, re-targeting ad's, and an advertisement conversion plan.

"What do they use to keep track of their sales/leads/contacts?"

If their current system involves a lot of data entry, client can benefit from Automation

"Are they active on social media? if so, is their content engaging and visually appealing?"

If the answer to either of these is no, client can benefit from Social Media Management.

"Is their website outdated/underwhelming?"

If the answer is yes, client can benefit from a new/optimized website

"Does their website show up when you Google it? If so, how far down in the search results is it?"

If their website doesn't show up on the first page of Google, client can benefit from Search Engine Optimization services.

Where Can Business Leads be Found?

Copy and paste sales pitches have low conversion rates.  But these 5 principles can be carried over to create a broad templates that are personalized to the business you're emailing. Personalized emails are proven to be effective when these 5 principles are implemented properly.

Local events

- Trade Shows

- Networking events

- Business Expos


- Local Business index's (Yellow Pages, Craigslist Etc.)

- Local Facebook groups.

- Yelp

Google Search results

- Businesses that show up past the 5th page of Googles search results..

Social media

- Narrow down local leads using hashtags and locations.

- Leave occasional comments to establish rapport.

Types of Lead generation

Generating Leads With A Pitch

Copy and paste sales pitches have low conversion rates.  But these 5 principles can be carried over to create broad templates that are personalized to the business you're emailing or calling. Personalized sales pitches are proven to be effective when these 5 principles are implemented properly.


- Mention specific things you admire about the business,

- Use personal name if possible.

- Establish industry knowledge

Identify a problem

- Determine the un-met marketing needs of the business.

- Provide specific details

- Be straightforward without being rude.

Be the solution

- Communicate which services you provide to solve the problems you've identified

- Leave tidbits of free advice

- Establish the general need for marketing within your potential clients business.

establish reputation

- Name companies you've worked with

- Show results from previous projects 

- Drop website link

call to action

- Put the ball in their court.

- Ask for a follow up event

- Leave a clear next step for your potential client.


Identify  problem



call to action

Professional Photo Studio

*Example of a cold call email using the above listed principles*

Good afternoon, I just finished checking out RES solar’s website and I thought it was very nicely laid out and easy to navigate. There is also a decent bit of good information, which is needed in an industry like solar hot water.

After checking it out a little more, I noticed the company doesn't have a lot of social media presence or professional photography.  Given the quality of the website and growth of the company, it’s surprising that you haven't taken advantage of social media in order to produce more organic leads.

Now if you're interested, my company helps solar hot water & solar PV businesses like yourself grow their online presence and convert more leads from organic web/social media traffic.  We specialize in Custom Social Media Posts/ Graphic Design/  Photography/ Aerial Photography/ Web Design/ Search Engine Optimization & various forms of Digital Advertisement.

Some of our clients include Devlin Contracting, DIY Solar Co. , and Summit Energy

So if you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you convert the more leads using social media, just let me know what your Calendar looks like.

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